Edit your raw video footage
with the ease and speed of editing text.

Select your raw footage, QuickQut's AI turns it into a segmented transcript,
cut text = cut video, all of the edits loaded into your editor of choice.

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Why QuikQut?

A few years ago I started my YouTube channel. It was tiny, but fun! Well mostly fun - editing my videos could be slow and draining. Sometimes it would take days as I improved the quality of my content. There had to be a better way to edit!

There was not. So we built QuikQut!

Is the best use of your time time trawling through raw footage, sifting the good from the bad? NO! Instead work on the most valuable parts of your content:

Want to grow your audience and revenue? Use QuikQut so you can put your energy where it matters most. Stop taking time with the work that is least valuable - like searching through clip after clip looking for just the right take. Imagine removing that work from your production workflow. You could then: have more energy since the tedious task is gone, spend more time on better editing, ensure the quality of your content, produce more content, easily repurpose your content to bring in more views, and spend more time leveraging your content to generate parallel streams of income.

I didn't have any of that when I started my content journey. But now you can.

QuikQut is a web-based editing app that leverages the power of AI to create a transcript of the dialog in your footage. It automatically segments the footage and you can cut out portions of the video simply by striking out text. With that rough draft completed, you import the timeline into your existing editor, but now with a huge head start.

Here is what you get with QuikQut
Interactive Transcript Editing
Really non-linear! QuikQut's transcript lets you move and edit at the speed of a glance.
  • Easily accessible transcript of the dialog of your footage to supercharge your editing.
  • Strike - you're outta here! Remove anything in the transcript and it vanishes from the video.
  • Cut to the Chase: remove tangents, retakes, or filler with ease of editing text.
  • AI based clip segmentation of the dialog.
  • Auto-cut dead time: decide to automatically remove pauses and gaps.
  • Immediate feedback and obvious progress with the transcript edits clearly marked.
Speed. I am speed!
Be done with the rough cut of your video before you know it.
  • No more listening and relistening, 2x audio, or looking at the audio waveform to navigate your footage.
  • Find the best moments in seconds. Reading is faster than listening and skimming is even faster!
  • Faster Review - How's the edit coming along? Read through the updated dialog quickly before devoting time to a listen through.
  • Transcript creation doesn't require babysitting. Load the content and once processed, do your edit in minutes!
  • Spot and deal with filler words in seconds.
Take the next step
Let your content SHINE!
Non-Linear Content Based Navigation
Ignore the bad and pick the rad. Leverage the power of your content instead of fighting it.
  • Seamlessly jump to anywhere in the footage instead of constantly jogging the play head.
  • Which Take? Don't waste time on the obviously broken takes since the are so easy to spot.
  • The transcript is your clapper. The dialog lets you know exactly what you have and where.
  • Need some more context? Highlight a region for a video preview.
  • Note to the editor! - just say it when recording and it will be in the transcript: "That last take was the keeper", "here is some b roll for that last clip". No more guessing later.
Streamlined and Focused editing
Just one thing - QuikQut is there to get your rough cut in place without distraction.
  • Efficient workflow to keep you on track with text-centric editing. Don't fall down the tweaking rabbit hole too soon.
  • Instant feedback and progress with each click. No endless revisiting and revisiting.
  • Stuck getting started? No longer, just load the footage into QuikQut and start cutting text!
  • Free your time and energy for the most valuable parts of editing.
  • The content is all in front of your eyes so you don't need to keep the clip in your head.
Prioritize your Content
Pull out that great content and put the rest where it belongs - on the cutting room floor.
  • Content is King - easily separate the valuable from the worthless.
  • You get context to know if a non-speech segment is worthless dead time or useful action.
  • What is in that file? Peer into files using the transcript.
  • Your footage lives on. Save a text version of the transcript and have a shortcut for a blog post or search it later to find that clip you know you have but lost.
  • Need to edit again? Reload the clip and your edits are just how you left them. Even better, use those edits to create short form content.
Full Creative Control with YOUR editor
Get all of this power with an easy to use tool that COMPLEMENTS and works with your existing editor.
  • Keep full control over the edit and your creative vision. QuikQut is a shortcut to getting there.
  • All edits are revisable! Nothing is lost, no transcoding is involved. Tweak any of the edits since your original footage is intact.
  • QuikQut is designed specifically to work with your editor! No need to learn a new one.
  • Import the new timeline (EDL file) which has all of the cuts made and everything is presegmented to make editing a breeze.
  • The segments let you jump around quickly, identify spots for b roll, and easily tweak the cut point or change it to a J/L cut.
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All of that PLUS
Script-based Editing
Tell the best stories without getting lost in the weeds.
  • Focus on the story and let the script guide your way.
  • Do a paper edit straight from the raw footage.
  • Easily compare the dialog to the original script.
  • See at a higher level instead of not frame by frame. Quickly understand how each segment impacts the narrative arc.
Thinking about hiring an editor?
Let QuikQut help you help them!
  • Give them a head start by blocking out the story first with QuikQut
  • Increase consistency - QuikQut's AI always segments the footage the same way and doesn't get tired!
  • QuikQut can be your junior editor but without the management overhead.
  • Maybe your editor is awesome! Free up their time and let them make the content even better.
Leverage the power of QuikQut

We have loved using QuikQut and we think you'll love it too.

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